Hypothetical – How Lonely Is Lonely?

Thanks to Christine for this hypothetical idea!

Let’s say you are so tired of being lonely, you just want to find “someone” to be able to talk to about things, basically a friend and a mate. The problem is, you don’t have the time to spend looking for that special person and what time you do have, all the wrong places bring all the wrong faces.

How about a hypothetical to help? 🙂

You are at a point in your life where you are ready to settle down and find a life partner. You have tried dating and keep meeting people that are nothing but a waste of time. While at a bar drowning your sorrows away, you meet a guy that says he has the solution. A 100% legal solution to cure your loneliness.

  • 1st Choice – You purchase a life-like doll that feels like a human, can perform some human movements and functions, like say comforting things when you get home from a long day of work. He or She also has some bed etiquette where depending on how you lay down in bed, it can snuggle up to you.
  • 2nd Choice – You purchase a ‘companion computer’ that is programmed to display your perfect mate. He or She; looks hot and loves to lay in bed with you when you sleep. The only problem is this is only an image, nothing physical. The program makes the image roll around and spoon with you, but that is the extent of it.

So it comes down to just ‘how lonely you really are’!

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Hypothetical – Google or Yahoo

Here’s an interesting hypothetical:

You have a business that both Google and Yahoo are interested in buying. Both have given you offers, but each offer has a unique situation (obviously, this is a hypothetical!):

  • Google offers you $100 million dollars cash. If you accept the offer, you also have to agree to spend the next 2 years working on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. You will not receive a single dollar until 2 years have passed while sitting on a chunk of metal out in the empty ocean.

  • Yahoo offers you $1 billon dollars cash. If you accept the offer, you have to live the next 10 years in a 3rd world country where there is no electricity or running water. You basically live off the land and struggle to survive. Once you have completed 10 years, you get your $1 billion dollars and the option to move back to society.

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Hypothetical – Hitchhiking or UFO Riding

Do you have any good hypotheticals that you would like to have included in our rotation? If so, please send them to admin [at] linkworth {dot} com. If we use your submission, we’ll reference who sent it and a link to your website, if you would like us to.

If sending a hypothetical, mention the word ‘hypothetical’ in the subject. In the email body, after your hypothetical, give the name you’d like to be published and the website address you want published. If you are unsure how to make a hypothetical, it is real simple, present a situation and give two solutions. The idea is to make both solutions gratifying but with some sort of consequence.

Ok, back to the hypothetical at hand: Hitchhiking or UFO Riding.

You are in dire need to get on the other side of the world for a serious family matter. You have just a few days to get there but only have 2 options of transportation. Both will get you there, but what happens while in transportation is unknown. Which would you choose:

  • You can reach to your destination by hitchhiking in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or any other land/water based vehicles. Flying is not an option. You will arrive in time, but the people you will come across will be some of the shadiest characters you’ve ever met in your life.

  • You can reach to your destination being abducted by a UFO. No one knows what or who is in the UFO..violent, happy, peaceful, hungry, a complete mystery. You will be pulled into the spacecraft and leave the planet, maybe even the galaxy. You could be gone a million years, but they know how to time travel and will get you to your destination in time.

Which risk sounds more appetizing?

And don’t forget to send in your hypothetical if you want to participate!

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Hypothetical – Land or Water

Here’s a good survival hypothetical. I’m a huge fan of Survivorman and Man vs. Wild, which made me think of this one.

Would you rather be stranded in the middle of the hot Amazonian forest for a minimum of one month, but you are stranded without any food or water? You would have to live off of the land around you, which is full of food and water.

Would you rather be stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean where you are not rescued until a month into it? You would have enough water and food to get you through the entire ordeal, but you will have to ration yourself to ensure it will last the full month.

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