Play Packman on Google Home Page

Google is celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday by showing an actual PAC-MAN game with their logo as the maze you drive your PAC-MAN around.


Let it load up and if you have sound, you’ll know when it starts. To move your PAC-MAN around, use your arrow keys, if you like this game check out the Fifth Geek blog  for more games and technology topics. Brings back such fond memories standing around playing this game for hours.

This information has been compiled by the Minecraft community on the Minecraft wiki. Please visit Minecraft Server Requirements info for the most up to date information, or to compare your computer’s hardware and software with other users’ computers listed as being able to play the game. The vanguard cheats can help you explore and have more fun when it comes to your video games.

The average cost of life insurance may make us wonder why we are not taking one already?

And the truth is that normal people are not thinking that they are going to die. They do not usually think about death, that is normal, but the truth is that we are all going to die, so if you only work and have no other income, it is much more recommended that you go to your insurance broker to help you to hire one now.

What’s more, life insurance is now like long-term savings, so you won’t have to worry about losing that money. Find the appropriate information and stop just living playing pacman, spend a little time worrying about your life and that of your loved ones.

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Beware of Fake LinkWorth Emails

Today we sent a system wide email to warn everyone of fake emails that are being sent. There seems to be confusion on the email we sent, so I wanted to also post it here on the blog to ensure everyone understands.

We were notified of phishing emails being sent to people that make it appear as if LinkWorth had sent it from support {at} linkworth, however, this was not us. If you get any sort of email saying your account with LinkWorth has been temporarily disabled and it asks you to download a file, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE.

Here is one email that has been reported:

Dear Customer,

This e-mail was send by to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else. Please run this file and Follow instructions:

(Link to file – not shown)


LinkWorth will never ask you to update personal and login information via email, nor download any sort of file. If you receive an email similar to this, please forward it to admin {at} linkworth {dot} com. This appears to be an isolated incident, but something we couldn’t just ignore.

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Automatic Approval Is Live!

Wouldn’t it be nice if LinkAds just magically appeared on your site and made money for you right away without the hassle of having to log in to the control center, approve the ad & then go through the steps of publishing the ad each time an advertiser wanted to buy from you? We think so, too, which is why we’ve just launched a new feature to do just that!

It’s called “Auto Approve” and its live right now. If you think this option is right for you, simply log in to your LinkWorth Partner account and go to “my sites” >> “publish” >> select LinkAds >> and then select one of your URLs. You’ll see the following section at the bottom:


Be sure to click the “What’s This?” link for exact directions you must follow to be accepted into Auto-Approve program.

By selecting “auto approve” you are allowing LinkWorth to approve or decline any link requests you get from Advertisers and publish them automatically on your website. You will be prompted to select ad categories that you DO NOT want to host on your site in addition to outlining any other criteria you want us to follow prior to making a decision. You don’t want Viagra ads, for example? No problem. Don’t want competitors advertising on your site? Done. Relevant sites only? Piece of cake.

The benefit here is that Advertisers will see that you have this option available and since it’s been requested MANY TIMES over the years, our feeling is that you’ll sell more ads. Advertisers want links and they want them NOW, so this will better serve them while making the whole process easier for you.

This is currently only available for LinkAds, however, we may decide to activate this for other products if the Partner feedback is good.

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SES Toronto

Calling all canucks! Is anyone going to SES Toronto next month? Ron and I are going old-school and doing the show ourselves for the first time in a couple of years, so come by and see us if you’re going to be in town. (Or, better yet, give me a shout ahead of time and maybe we can string something together.)

Beyond that, neither one of us has ever been to Toronto and we’re looking for some suggestions on what to do, where to eat, etc. If you’re familiar with that part of the world, let me hear from you!

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PayPal Delay

We have experienced an issue with PayPal this month that has delayed our ability to make our PayPal payouts on time. It is our understanding that PayPal payouts will hit our partner accounts tomorrow instead of today. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this matter.

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Welcome to ShrinkWorth

One of our favorite days at LinkWorth is April 1st, or April Fool’s Day. And when I say “our”, I’m speaking of Matt and I (Ron). Each year we try to out perform our previous year of gags and jokes we play on the staff. This year I am 100% sure we topped all previous April Fool’s Day performances. I’d like to thank our staff for putting up with the full day of non-stop craziness and watch out for next year, because we already have the next 2 years planned out!!!

Let me run down a quick bullet list of what we did yesterday:

  • We turned LinkWorth into ShrinkWorth by shrink wrapping the entire office
  • We removed cubical dividing walls in the sales pit creating shared spaces
  • We snuck keys away from many and moved their cars in the parking lot
  • We ran video on everyone walking in first thing seeing it all and giving them an early morning blow horn
  • We ran a looped audio of a sneeze we recorded from Matt Baker, who is the loudest sneezer in the world, through the phones for much of the afternoon
  • We made a pot of coffee with half a container of sugar in it
  • We caused our admin backend to appear to be crashed giving errors
  • We had outsiders tell people they had live snakes in their drawer
  • We sent fake emails to each Account Manager making them think their biggest client is canceling and complaining about them…and took video of them explaining themselves

As you can see, while it’s not a recognized holiday, there isn’t a lot of work that gets done on April 1 each year. There might be other spur of the moment ideas we put in place that I’m forgetting, but you get the point.

We have lots of pictures and even more video. The pictures are below and the video will be soon, once I figure out how to edit and put it all together in a nice looking format.

Hope you had as good of a day as we did!

Here’s a video tour of ShrinkWorth

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Ad-tech – San Francisco – 2010 – Discount Code

adtech_sf_logo_small1LinkWorth will be exhibiting at the Ad:tech conference in San Francisco on April 20-21. We’ll be located at booth #5973, which to most of you, will mean absolutely nothing. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever visited a conference and paid any attention to booth numbers. This is where we’ll be, so if you’re attending, please stop by and ask Robin to sing you her original “Linky” song. She has a great voice and the song is really good too. Also be sure to ask David why they call him “Ace”.

If you have not signed up to attend Ad:tech and want to go, we have a nice little offer for you. Just follow our special link here and you’ll get a $200 discount on a full conference pass. They’re not cheap, so discounts are always great. If the link doesn’t transfer our code, use this:

Ad:tech San Francisco Discount Code: LWADTEC

Just remember…”Have a DrinkWorth with LinkWorth which could lead to InkWorth, and then you’ll wake up in a StinkWorth probably needing a ShrinkWorth.”

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Big Update to LinkWorth System

rawrLast night we made a pretty sizable update to our system that is significant enough to let you guys know about. Up until last night, we’ve considered listings as “sites” or “blogs”. Blogs were setup more for LinkPost where the rest of our products were geared towards a regular “site”. With the majority of sites being a blog these days, it was more of a headache than anything else, so I say with great pleasure, it’s all one listing now!

You no longer have to submit your blog as an entirely separate listing! (insert crowd raawr!) If you had a blog listing previously, no worries, we’ve merged everything over to the “site” side of things and this is how you list everything now. There’s no more managing your blogs or anything else that used to come with the blog listings, it’s all been merged with your normal site listing.

As we’re testing and really getting a good live run-through today, we’re on the hunt for any bugs or problems that we might have missed during testing, so if you see something, PLEASE click the “FEEDBACK” icon in your lower right-hand corner and let us know. Include errors or pages, as much detail as possible so we can quickly jump into action.

This is one small part of several big improvements we have on the list. Soon, our control center will be as simple as pie…something we’ve “ALL” wished for, for a long time.

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We Have Power – Woohoo

Apparently the cause of our entire office building being down yesterday was due to a pesky rat! It evidently chewed through a main power cable and not only ended its life, but ended the power for an entire work day for us.

The good thing is, they fixed the problem yesterday afternoon and everyone is back to work today. We apologize for any inconvenience us not being in the office might have caused. was not affected by this outage, thankfully.

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Power Outage Update

The LinkWorth corporate offices are currently without power. I’ve been told we may be down all day, but that has yet to be confirmed by the electric company. We will update you when we get more information and we appreciate your patience.

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