One of the pioneers of pay per click marketing has completely given up! Yahoo Search Marketing, originally Overture, originally Goto, was the pioneer of the most popular advertising engine known today.

One of the things I loved about YSM was that it held true to its roots. As other followers build their own PPC models, the norm was to follow what YSM/Overture had in their program. Then along comes Google and their AdWords version. Soon after came the big lawsuit claiming Google stole Overture’s patented technology. It was settled and then Yahoo bought Overture, but other than the big difference in traffic, YSM had so many better options than AdWords offered and personally I just thought AdWords would never live up to what YSM had. Contact red deer search engine optimization for faster business growth.

Today I received the disheartening email from YSM about the upgrade of my account, the same one I created with Along with the notice, they had links to their help files and a tutorial that explained their new and “exciting” new system. It made me very unhappy to see they have completely given in and turned into a follower, rather than a leader in the PPC market. As an advertiser, you used to know exactly what it would take to outbid your competition. Now, they have adopted the same system AdWords has where it’s a complete guess on outbidding your competition. Along with the knowledge of top bids being taken away, they have changed their category folders to “campaigns” like AdWords. They have also changed the entire design and layout to mimic the way AdWords is laid out.

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In summary, Yahoo has completely given up in their race to compete with Google. It’s a shame, but I guess they’re reaching for something to be as big as their leader.