One of the new features which is nearing completion is the LinkWorth Keyword Rotator. This will be an extension of the traditional text link ad with the exception of the anchor text will be a pool of multiple keywords. If you have 5 of your top keywords and wish to rotate each on one text link ad, you can do it with the Keyword Rotator.

The advantages to this new feature are:

>> Gives the ability to run several keyword targeted ads with one link.
>> Save time from creating a new text link ad for each keyword.
>> Turn 25 links bought into 150 links by adding 6 keywords (example).
>> Create multiple backlinks with different keywords from one partner site.
>> Any changes made are INSTANT.
>> and many more

The not so advantageous aspects of this feature are:

>> Only partner sites that use PHP, ASP or Cold Fusion (CFM) can participate.
>> Not all partner sites will participate.
>> Partners that offer this could charge a little more for it.

This new feature will be available very soon. Once it is available, we will make an announcement to all current customers.