For those who aren’t familiar with John Chow, he’s a self proclaimed internet mogul, well he has a pretty good history of starting an informational tech website that took off well and here he is today. I periodically visit John Chow dot com to see how much more he talks about the money he makes through various money making techniques.

One thing you can commend him for is how fast he propelled his little blog site into making mad cash. Last I checked, he was making around 12k per month. One thing I’m not real fond of us how many ad systems he uses on the site, but I think I understand he’s testing them all out to find the best earning methods out there.

I think the way he presents his information, he speaks more on the readers level and it draws the readers to come back for more. Not to mention the amount of money he makes is like giving people hope they’ll buy that winning lottery scratch off ticket. His site is definitely worth checking out.