I happened across a write up on ProBlogger about new service that tackles the blog comment arena. The service is called LineBuzz. At first, when you’re testing it out, the initial thought is, “Wow, this is kinda cool. Something I’ve never seen before.” Of course, the way I think, I instantly start thinking of how this type of service could benefit me in any shape, form or fashion.

Then I start looking for downfalls of what happens when it grows and could it get out of control. The concept is very similar to our LinkWords product; you mouseover a keyword or phrase and it shows a tooltip advertisement. The difference is, any joe schmoe can create an account and highlight anything they want and add comments. Let’s take a very busy site like, say TechCrunch, install this program and let the users have at it. The end result would look like my grammar paper from grade school after the teacher had her way with the red pen marking up all of the mistakes.

I just see a lot of room for abuse with this product. I like the concept and there may be control that I’m not aware of, but we already have to control comment spam, why add a whole new part to control? You can see the linebuzz in action on their blog. I might think of something that this can be useful for, but for now, just something fun to goof with.