Today someone published a Digg about the biggest Google Bomb ever. It appears the individual was searching for “how student loans affect fico score” and wow were the results a little favored towards Google’s blogspot pages! Since I’m sure they are going to correct this issue before some read this post, I went ahead and printed the top 100 results to PDF so you could see what it looked like.

Google Results-PDF

The comments for this digg post shows Matt Cutt’s immediately responding to the digg with the following suggestion:

Hi, I work at Google and I’ll check on this. My impression was that something was happening in the migration from the old blogger to the new version of blogger, but I’ll definitely check with the blogger team about tackling this.

Hmmm, does this mean they place weight on blogspot sites over other sites? Probably not, probably just a huge bug, but interesting to see.