As if Mr. Cutt’s didn’t have enough say in the seo industry, looks like he’s started to make video’s and publish them on Google Video’s. He goes through several seo tutorials and some of these can be pretty helpful. Obviously, he’s going to say everything that most people know about, but even the well rounded seo individuals can learn a thing or two at any given time.

Notice the constant eye twitching. Most people I’ve seen that do this, typically do it because they are not telling the truth. More than likely it’s from reading his blog too much, but it made me laugh out loud watching it thinking of the lying nervous twitch idea.

The first video is a disclaimer, the you can click on the listed one’s to the right for more tutorials.

Example Matt Cutt’s Video

============================== Added 8.9.06

Ok, so I was mentioning these video’s to a colleague and we started watching a couple of “Matt’s Cutt’s” (rock me), when we stumbled across a video with Mr. Cutt’s and his cat. Ok, we have a cat and I love the p#@ssy as much as the next guy, but the general concensus between those of us that have watched this particular video is. . . CREEPY! I hate to judge people without knowing them personally as I’m sure this guy is a super nice guy, but maybe he should have someone reviewing these clips before they’re uploaded for all to see. Take a peek at what we’re referring to and give us your take:
Matt Cutt’s and Cat