Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing wrote a good blog today about using Press Releases as Online Marketing Tools. It talks about how you can utilize Press Releases to not only get more exposure and traffic, but how you can use them as a tool to build your Link Popularity as well. If you’re thinking that Press Releases are only for large corporations, or that they won’t do anything to help you, we think you might want to reconsider. It has some very good points and advice in it, but 2 of his 10 steps really stand out in my mind:

Think upward and to the left. Optimize a press release using web page optimization principles and keep in mind that important keywords need to be near the top of the document with the most important keyword phrases first.

Optimizing a Press Release is as important as optimizing a web page on your site. The better optimized the Press Release is, the better chance you’ll have of not only pushing that Press Release higher in the natural listings but the better chance you’ll have at adding more “link juice” when it passes the value from the site it’s on to your site.

Distribute the release via a wire service like Business Wire and PRWeb or PRNewswire. If you distribute the same release through more than one wire service on the same day, it is very likely that the news search engines will filter out the duplicates. If your story has more than one angle, take advantage of that and mix it up.

Writing a great Press Release won’t do much for you if you don’t distribute it well, of course. Email me to find out how LinkWorth can help you not only write a great Press Release, but how we can help distribute it to a ton of outlets.