With LinkWorth on the verge of releasing new products in the near future, we have come to a point where it makes sense to listen to our customers and take their feedback into consideration. We have spoken with a couple of you about this one section and we would like to get as many of you as possible to provide feedback.

This pertains to the actual locations in which the text link ads are published. At present time, there are:

  1. Home Page Link Location
  2. Sub Page Link Location
  3. Site Run Link Location

The issue is, advertisers have no selection of the geographic location on the page, only that they want their text ad on the page itself. With our upgraded locations, this will be an included option allowing advertisers to put their text ad on what page and what location on said page. Partners can also have the ability to spread things out and offer a little more.

What we would like from you, our customers, is to answer the poll on the right side navigation, or you can vote here. The answers will help us in development.