Anyone that runs a website is familiar with AdSense. The thought of earning some of Google’s billions is appetizing to anyone, which is why Google makes their billions. Oddly enough from text ads, which makes them who they are.

What strikes me as humorous is the webmaster that decides to make a keyword happy website, a gateway site so to speak, that is made up of hundreds of thousands of pages, each page targeted for a keyword or key phrase, all interlinked quite well, with an outbound link on each page to their main website. Some even outbound link on each page to numerous websites. The other very important part of “every” page is the existence of Google AdSense Ads which are plastered all over the pages in hopes of earning thousands of dollars from Google each month.

Well here is my little bit of advice to those of you who either have this already or plan on building something similar in the future:


What people fail to realize is, if Google is paying anyone a remotely high amount of money, they have a team of employees who will review each and every AdSense partner website to see if there is any evidence of breaking their terms of service and/or webmaster guidelines. Especially if they are paying you several hundreds to several thousands of dollars each month. If they find you breaking their terms, DING, and your site is not only penalized and removed from their search results, but your money is gone.

So be smart. Don’t bring attention to yourself if you plan on trying to fool the search results with any type of black hat schemes.