One thing we have discovered in seeking new advertisers is almost everyone has been burned one time or another by “SEO” companies that promise the world and never deliver. Sure there are some great SEO companies out there, however, it seems like anyone that can build a website seems to think they can also be an SEO expert. Read a couple SEO related website forums and “whammo”, they are experts. Then throw in the fact most online advertisers do not know too much about this field and you have an easy target. The so-called SEO expert throws some technical terms out the advertiser has never heard and they take the bait. So due to this common occurrence, most visitors are very reluctant to give LinkWorth a shot. Hopefully this will give some trust in the services offered here at LinkWorth.

When marketing your website, the obvious tasks are to bring potential customers to your website, then make the sale. While it sounds fairly simple, the bringing new customers to your site can be a difficult task. There are many different forms of advertising online, but many are very expensive and turn up zero conversions, so LinkWorth is a very affordable method that ultimately brings free traffic to your website.

Search engines rank a website by many factors, onsite and offsite. The two most important are:

    Onsite Optimization
    Link Popularity

LinkWorth tackles these two factors with an emphasis on the Link Popularity. To build your link popularity, you must create partnerships with other similar, or relevant websites and have a text link advertisement on their website, linking to your website. The more you accumulate, the higher your popularity becomes. The 1-2 punch is attracting similar visitors from their site to your site and building your popularity which helps to push your listing north in the search engines.

In order to accomplish this, advertisers need webmasters that wish to participate and sell space on their website. The LinkWorth system is a grand meeting ground for webmasters that want to advertise and webmasters that offer advertising. It simplifies the entire process and also allows both sides to have a neutral party involved. Our system monitors all ads on a daily basis so advertisers no longer have to.

So the “point of LinkWorth” is very simple. It offers a solution for both types of webmasters. If you have a website, then LinkWorth is for you. If you want to promote your site, our system helps build your link popularity and push your listing to the top. If you want to earn money by selling ads on your site, our system sends the advertisers to you. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.