One of our favorite days at LinkWorth is April 1st, or April Fool’s Day. And when I say “our”, I’m speaking of Matt and I (Ron). Each year we try to out perform our previous year of gags and jokes we play on the staff. This year I am 100% sure we topped all previous April Fool’s Day performances. I’d like to thank our staff for putting up with the full day of non-stop craziness and watch out for next year, because we already have the next 2 years planned out!!!

Let me run down a quick bullet list of what we did yesterday:

  • We turned LinkWorth into ShrinkWorth by shrink wrapping the entire office
  • We removed cubical dividing walls in the sales pit creating shared spaces
  • We snuck keys away from many and moved their cars in the parking lot
  • We ran video on everyone walking in first thing seeing it all and giving them an early morning blow horn
  • We ran a looped audio of a sneeze we recorded from Matt Baker, who is the loudest sneezer in the world, through the phones for much of the afternoon
  • We made a pot of coffee with half a container of sugar in it
  • We caused our admin backend to appear to be crashed giving errors
  • We had outsiders tell people they had live snakes in their drawer
  • We sent fake emails to each Account Manager making them think their biggest client is canceling and complaining about them…and took video of them explaining themselves

As you can see, while it’s not a recognized holiday, there isn’t a lot of work that gets done on April 1 each year. There might be other spur of the moment ideas we put in place that I’m forgetting, but you get the point.

We have lots of pictures and even more video. The pictures are below and the video will be soon, once I figure out how to edit and put it all together in a nice looking format.

Hope you had as good of a day as we did!

Here’s a video tour of ShrinkWorth