June has been a crazy month with our site upgrade and all that’s going on internally, but I thought now might be a good time to say “WELCOME!” to all of the new Partners and Advertisers that have come to us over the past several weeks. We’re happy to have you and look forward to working with you all!

A few cool things you should know…

ONE: We recently launched a new front-end to our site and will soon be launching a new backend. Exactly when? Don’t know yet but Ron’s pretty good about posting updates…so keep your ears listening. The guys back there are doing a great job and I’ve seen a lot of the new UI. Can you say, “AWESOME?” I think everyone’s going to love it.

We’re adding some muscle to our affiliate program. Details will be available soon and this will be another great way to make some money. Want to get paid for referring Partner websites? It’s coming. There are tons of new affiliate banners in all sizes in the Partner Control Centers, so check ’em out.

Advertisers, as it stands now, you need to convert your account to a “Combo Account” to get an affiliate ID. You obviously don’t have to sell ads on your site, but for now that’s how you must sign up. That’ll change soon and be convenient for everyone.

THREE: We’re here for you. Questions? Conerns? Comments? Fire away. Contact support or give us a call. Hell, you can email me at matt at linkworth dot com if you want to. We’re all here to help and it’s an exciting time for you to join us!

Talk to you soon…