Much to my disappointment, we were unable to get the new front end of our website up this week. We’ve been working really hard to try and cover all angles and get the new site up this week, but there were just too many surprises that popped up. The last thing we wanted to do was put up a site that could have caused missed affiliate referrals, direct sales or new accounts all bugged out before Memorial Day weekend.

There is absolutely no doubt we will have the new front end of our site up next week. It’s basically completed now, we just need to work out a couple of bugs, so expect a new look next week! We’re definitely excited about it and many customers we’ve spoken with are as well.

We’ve also started working on the new Control Center, however, that does not have a definite finish date. Our Control Center is quite a beast and we’re not only upgrading the visual design, but also making the navigation much easier and fine tuning the mechanics of it all. We’ll keep everyone updated as we progress.