There are many mistakes one can make when link building, but these are the top ten mistakes we’ve compiled:

  1. Buy links solely for high PageRank.
  2. Buy links on unlike/non-relevant themed sites.
  3. Buy a “100 links for $50” deal. If it seems too good to be true, it is!
  4. Buy links today for top placement tomorrow.
  5. Reciprocate links with a linking neighborhood.
  6. Reciprocate links in a 3 way trade trying to disguise the swap. They’re smarter than that.
  7. Acquire a link from a website who has no cache or backlinks or PageRank. Could be in trouble.
  8. Acquiring a link from a keyword stuffed site and tens of thousands of pages that are built solely for placement.
  9. Not using the best anchor text that pertains to your website and it’s goods and services.
  10. Having the links setup with non static html code. (ie… javascript, java, marquee … and so on)

It really comes down to making the best decision for you and your website. What might work for, will be on the other side of the world for So think ahead of offers. Consider how things might be 2 month’s down the road and make a decision on what you see in the future. It might just save you from some of these common mistakes.