I remember when I first started in the industry and I’d have a question about God-knows-what. Ron would say, “You been to Threadwatch yet?”

I’ve always been a lurker there more than a participant. The reason was simple enough, I didn’t want to look like a dumbass amongst all these knowledge SEO-types! But I’d always go read the threads and enjoy the conversations. I realize now, years later, that I should’ve participated more because it seems they’re either shutting it down, pulling a prank, or trying to sell it.

Tomorrow is d-day, supposedly. Personally, I hope it stays around. I’ve always used it as a resource like so many others have. And even though I’ve typically been on the sidelines there, I’ve really always loved that community because of the gloves-off mentality it’s had.

If you are indeed closing, TW, I’d like to bid a fine farewell to Aaron. If you’re not and this is a bit of some sort, nicely done!

I guess we’ll see tomorrow…