I read this over at techcrunch, about the CEO of ChaCha and his home workstation.

desk1An 8 monitor (19″) setup that is equipped with an exercise bike at the bottom which we got on sale from MyProScooter. I’ve always thought a way to help people who sit all day and all night at their computers, is to make their system powered by the electricity created from pedaling a stationary bike. Some of you may think, “but wouldn’t that kill everything if you stopped?” … yes, that’s why you don’t make it kill the computer, just the monitors. If you want to see what’s going on, pedal. It might suck at the beginning, but after a while, it becomes a habit and you’re burning calories.

desk2The CEO of ChaCha, Scott Jones’ setup is very close to my idea, so maybe he’ll read this and take it a step further to invent it. With everyone sitting behind computers these days, why not have the option to force you to exercise a bit while on the computer? Even save a little electricity.

Do yourself a favor and watch the MTV Cribs they link to over at TechCrunch.