To become an affiliate for LinkWorth, one should create a new partner account. Once the account is created, you instantly receive a unique affiliate id. If you choose to be an affiliate and do not wish to sell links on your site, you can simply take your listing offline once your account is a approved.

Our affiliate program is one that we felt should be rewarding enough to keep people interested. Paying someone for an advertiser referral with just a one time small fee wasn’t enough. So putting myself into the shoes of an affiliate, I felt the thing that would make me most happy was to earn money not only on the referral, but to earn money on the money spent by the referral. If an affiliate refers a client that spends twenty five thousand per month, I would love to earn a commission on that money. After all, I did send the customer.

All affiliates who send a new “ADVERTISER” referral, will earn $10 just for the advertiser signing up. Then, for the life of the customer’s account, the affiliate will earn 5% of all renewal transactions. The only thing we do not pay for is the first time a link is purchased and the reason for this is because some links are purchased with one day left in the month, so the price may be less than one dollar. We felt earning a commission on the renewals would pay the affiliate much better in the long run and as time goes on and an affiliate refers more and more advertisers, the monthly renewal portions paid will be a great steady payout.

At this particular time, we do not pay for partner referrals. This is something many of you have asked about and our reply to all of you has been we are looking for the best possible solution and want to reward for partner referrals. While the majority of people in this world are good people, there are the few that find ways to beat the system, so we have to ensure our protection against anything like this. We have too many scenarios that leave us wide open for this, so we are discussing many options to try and find the best solution. So hang in there, we WILL find a solution, and soon.

Affiliate payments are included each month with regular partner payouts. The amount is indicated on the invoice you can print from within your account. Affiliate stats, which show all earnings, are available in your account affiliate section.

Ways to promote LinkWorth are endless. We have provided a few tools/images/text you can use that contain your unique affiliate id. One of the more popular methods of referring new advertisers is by using our STATS LINK TOOL, or also known as the BUY DIRECT TOOL. This is a small text box which can be placed anywhere on the affiliate’s website offering to sell links on their site. It links potential link buyers directly to a LinkWorth page which shows all of the stats for that affiliates website. This helps convert a potential advertiser to purchase a link on your site. They can click the buy a link button and instantly purchase a link from you.