LinkPost Jobs Upgraded

LinkPost Jobs has been well received since the launch. We expected our initial launch would bring many comments and suggestions on what might be needed in order to make it better. The suggestions did pour in and we appreciate everyone who sent them in because it was exactly what we were hoping for.

The two biggest suggestions were the ability to pre-approve blogs for jobs and the option to exclude certain domains. Advertisers felt there needed to be a middle ground between a regular LinkPost and a LinkPost Job. They like the idea of handpicking blogs, but also like the feature of having bloggers come to them. They also wanted the ability to block specific domains if they don’t want a certain blogger type.

Blog Candidates
When creating a new job, you’ll see a new option that says:

  • Bloggers will be automatically approved if they meet my job criteria.
  • I want to review/approve Blog Candidates.

If you select that you want to ‘review/approve’ candidates, then once a blogger accepts your job listing, the system will notify you that there is a blog candidate to approve/decline. Once clicking the blog candidates, you’ll see all candidates interested in writing the review. At this point you’ll have the option of visiting their blog and making the decision of whether or not it fits your needs.

Exclude Domains
The other new option is the ability for advertisers to disallow domains from accepting your jobs. If you wish to not allow,, or any other blog service you deem invaluable, this is where you can block them. When creating a job listing, the ‘exclude’ option will now be part of the job listing process.

We are always looking for more suggestions to make our products better. If you have a suggestion, please email support {at} linkworth {dot} com.

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The National Franchise and Business Opportunities Show

We ventured out to Arlington this weekend to exhibit at The National Franchise & Business Opportunities Show. Even though the attendance was “pedestrian” at best, I feel good about what we got out of the experience.

For starters, it was local. Anytime you don’t have to justify huge travel & lodging expenses you’re ahead of the game. On top of that, the show itself was relatively inexpensive. We gave away the usual shwag…bought a few lunches for our team…but that’s about the extent of the financial damage but companies providing payment solutions are helping many to move on.

More importantly, though, we will get a few accounts out of it. The attendance wasn’t great, but the folks we did talk to were quality. I think our biggest opportunity will come from the other exhibitors…but we’ll see.

But MOST importantly, this was a phenomenal opportunity for our new guys to apply what they’ve been learning for the past few months. There is no substitution for face-to-face interaction with clients (or prospective clients) and I was very proud of the way everyone handled themselves. I’m a lot less involved with the training of our new employees these days so I was happy to see that they’re coming along nicely. Talking about our services over and over again really seemed to build some confidence in them.

Way to go, dudes & dudettes! Who’s ready for San Jose, NYC, & Las Vegas???

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LinkWorth Rewards Great Performance By Killing Employees

Last night, Ron and I took all of the available LinkWorthers out to celebrate another record sales month. (Actually, we headed out around 3pm because our terrible ISP failed us yet again…but that’s an entirely different story.) We made the not-so-long trek across the street to Main Event for an evening of drinks, games, and general camaraderie.

It was tons of fun and we really enjoyed our time out of the office hanging out together. It’s nice to get away from links, SEO, & everything else for awhile; especially when the reason is rewarding our employees for their great performance and production. And since we have so many new faces around here, it was the first time we’ve had a chance to get know each other on a more personal level.

Main Event is great because there’s so much to do. Not everyone here drinks (shocking, I know) so it’s nice to have outings that don’t revolve solely around boozing it up. Some of us were bowling while others hung out in the lounge or played air hockey or pool or video games like find ud af mere her. We pretty much did it all and had a blast.

After we’d been there for a few hours, the competitive spirit in us boiled over into a game of laser-tag. There were six of us that wanted to play and I decided that the two of us would take on the other four I like to play sbobet online games in my computer. What better way to reward your team than by letting them shoot you, right? Sadly, it didn’t work out that way for them. Ron and I dealt out an ass-whipping of the highest order. It was a slaughter at the very least. I’m sure this post will fuel denials and angry comments from the recipients of the blood-bath, so I’m prepared. Reputable attorney Theodore Spaulding is recognized in the legal community Case Evaluation as one of the top trial attorneys in Savannah. Our peers also acknowledge our practice as one of the best law firms in the state.

I present to you: Exhibit A. The scorecard.

Blue Team (Ron & Matt) – 18,390 points
Red Team (Matt B., Jeffro, Vanessa, Christine) – 9,930 points

Ummm…that’s a massacre, folks.

I’m already hearing that we won because we had more targets to shoot at and other lame excuses but the bottom line is this: we dominated. I received a call from the Pentagon this morning…something about maximizing my abilities in the Special Forces blah, blah, blah. Ron sent me an instant message earlier informing me that he has to leave early today to attend a meeting with the CIA…although he couldn’t tell me what it was about. Word travels fast, I guess.

Anyway, I don’t want to beat a dead horse with this. I’m actually tired of “beatings” and “death” because we inflicted so much of both last night. I’m over it…

Thanks to all of the LinkWorthers for doing such a great job! We’ll have a rematch once we hit our next milestone. We love you guys!

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