Hall of Shame Award – Mr. Googling

The rare to see, but always fun, Hall of Shame Award is being handed out to a new person today. Although there are potential winners daily in my email box, I try to make this award hard to win because it only makes those who do win that much more special.

Today we would like to extend the virtual trophy to someone named “Brian Scott”, or as he refers to himself on his non-CAN SPAM compliant unsolicited email, “Mr. Googling”. It is time to see the winner at work now:

Where have all the customers gone?

How come my phone has stopped ringing?

Have you been asking your self these questions?

I know why!

The answer is Google If you are not advertising on Google you are not reaching your customers.

Google is the new Yellow Pages.

Google’s PayPer Click advertising program AdWords is the place you need to advertise your business. I can help you get your business listed on the first page of Google. Do you only do business locally? I can target your Google AdWords campaign to only show ads in the areas you service.

To learn more about how I can help you get more business, email me at mrgoogling@gmail.com or visit my website at www.GetYourBusinessOnGoogle.com

Or call Brian Scott @ 813-506-8142.

I debated on whether or not to list the contact info, but I guess he is blasting it out to everyone, so if he doesn’t have a problem with it, why should I, right? If the email is not convincing enough to win such a coveted award, let me present what sealed the deal. Here are some screenshots of Mr. Googling’s website:

A nice design is always a way to start:
A good design always sets the tone

Next is some text that these guys might be interested in:
Nothing like ripping off someone elses copy to help your rankings!

How do you follow up stealing someone else’s content? Follow it up with even more content theft compliments of this site
How do you follow up content theft?  With more content theft!

How in the world can someone follow up two examples of content theft? How about stuffing the rest of your page with keywords:
How can you possibly follow up content theft TWICE?  Keyword stuffing, you couldn\'t figure that one out?

Then a close up view of the nice job of plain view keyword stuffing:
Here\'s a close up of the fine keyword selection he used in his stuffing.

Mr. Googling has apparently figured out the next evolution of the Yellow Pages. Why else would he go through all this trouble to try and earn my business? He can obviously get you listed in the AdWords section of Google, but what will he do to your natural listings? Stealing others content, keyword stuffing and email spam is definitely not the way you don’t want to “Get Your WebSite Noticed”! But thank you Mr. Googling for being a deserving winner.

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