Five Ways To Beat Your Competition (Generic Title I Know)

I was first going to give an extremely confusing title that parodies the common generic linkbait titles you see everywhere, but then decided to make it super generic. I think I’ve read this particular title, or some variation of it hundreds, if not thousands of times. Matter of fact, ‘Beat Your Competition’ is found over one hundred thousand times!

Here is where I stray from the generic title, but give some key suggestions that might help. I’m not saying it will do the job, but they’re just obvious observations I’ve made the past few years. They are more mentoring tips that I would give to anyone, so before you think to yourself, “He’s giving away his secrets”, think again.

  • Keep Your Secrets to Yourself! – I realize that sharing your knowledge and proving your ability by speaking your mind helps potential customers see what you’re made of, but there is a fine line to not cross. I think bloggers thrive to appear like wizards in their particular field but all they’re doing is giving away their secrets to competition or even creating new competition.
  • Don’t Be So Social! – This one makes my head ‘sphinn’. People try so hard to be involved in every single social app that pops up, but the problem is, just one social app is time consuming. Save that time for helping your customers or bettering your product or service. Also, most social apps allow others to see who all of your contacts are, a sort of window into your soul that your competition has easy access to.
  • Take off that Target shirt! – throwing your weight around about how popular you are or who you work with has it’s pluses but it also has it’s minuses. If I came on here and stated we were an approved G00GLE vendor (which I will neither confirm nor deny), sure it could bring business our way, but it also puts a huge target on our back. If you steer your ship down the right path, you’ll be successful and there will be no need to make such a big splash. Take a step back and let your competition wear the target.
  • Don’t be so damn picky! – We’ve all witnessed it, businesses would rather hand pick their customers, aka deep pockets, and leave out the little guy/girl. You NEVER know what the future holds. Turning down someone that only has $100 to spend today might be the same thing as turning down someone that has $100,000 to spend in a year. And another downfall to large accounts, if you have 10 accounts that gross your business $25k each, then your competitor has 100 accounts that gross $2500 each, while it seems to be even, all it takes is one lost account and you’re down a big chunk. I remember a college instructor that told us one day, “God made more poor people than he did rich people.” In other words, it’s a lot easier to get a million people to give you $1 than it is having 10 people give you a $100,000.
  • Don’t Become Complacent! – Think about how lions hunt their meals. They feed on the weak, or the one’s that appear to be weak. Same thing goes for the business world. No matter how nice you think your competition is or how friendly they are to you, the minute they have the opportunity, they’ll crush you. Stay ahead of the curve and don’t be content with where you are. Think of ways to make what you do even better, or maybe come up with a completely different way of doing it. Don’t be scared to take chances because that’s where success happens. You may fail several times, but eventually the odds will be on your side and everyone will be following your lead.

Ok, I feel like a motivational speaker now and it’s making my stomach upset. Again, these 5 tips have nothing to do with our industry specifically, it applies to any company or market. If you were hoping to learn how to crush your competition with relation to what LinkWorth offers, I would recommend calling 866.LNK.WRTH and one of our Account Managers can lead you down that path.

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