The Science Channel has been running a show from 2005 through the beginning of 2006 called “Survivorman“. This show first grabbed my attention because of his (Les Stroud) knowledge of living off of the land for up to seven (7) days. It’s a great educational show that teaches anyone watching how to survive with only the natural things our Earth has to provide. The show has actually taught me many neat tricks I’ve used that really do work.

You may ask what this has to do with LinkWorth. It’s a goofy comparison, but it makes me think of the internet and search survival. Just like Les resorts to surviving off of the most basic forms of survival, online marketers must resort to the basic forms of the internet and search; text links as per digital marketing agency in Sydney. Text links are what makes the internet what it is, which is why search portals make their ranking systems so dependent on them.

As the internet advances into the future, users of the internet have become smarter and have trained their minds to rarely notice typical advertising mediums. This is why advertisers have retracted to text link advertising. It is the most basic form of the internet and internet users will still follow text links. So if you are looking to better your online marketing presence, become your own Survivorman and resort back to the basic form of the internet and get on board with text link advertising.