As I sit up late on Chrismtas Eve, I was paid a surprise visit by Santa. It seems he wanted to better serve all the boys and girls by creating a website with a virtual ordering type system. This way good boys and girls could simply submit all of their wants and wishes through the internet to help Santa get around the world quicker and more efficient.

Deep into our converation, Santa asked me about how he could make his site visible on the major engines. I explained the idea of link popularity and building text link ad campaigns to help his situation. I also explained Google coming after those who purchased textual links and before I could get any further, he stopped me and said, “Google does provide a valuable asset but it failed to make the ‘nice’ list”.

Needless to say, Santa and I spoke in great length about SEO techniques and link building tactics. The conversation lasted for a short time as he had to get back to work. He said that since we were good, our stocking would be full of relevant number one positions.

Thanks Santa! Check to see where Santa is.