Okay, I think we’ve got it nailed down. There was a lot to consider…this is going to be a busy week in Vegas!

In regards to the happy hour we want to sponsor for our Partners & Advertisers, it’s going to be Thursday night (Nov.16th) inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at the Viva Las Vegas Lounge. Sounds Elvis-y….can’t wait! Ask.com is hosting a reception at the conference from 5-6pm so we’ll do it afterwards. Say 7 o’clock? Hors d’oeuvres…drinks…good times. This is invitation-only meaning; you have to be a current LinkWorth Partner, Advertiser, or personal “invitee” to attend. We want to spend some QT with the folks that mean the most to us…YOU.

Thursday evening seems to work best for a few different reasons. To begin with, we don’t even arrive in Vegas until Tuesday evening. Gotta get warmed up, you know? Second, we don’t want to miss the Google event Wednesday evening. Those kids do it up right. (I think I’m STILL shakin’ off the Google Dance and that was in August!) And finally, since Thursday is our last night in town, it doesn’t matter what happens…we can fight through a Friday, right? All kidding aside, we hope to see you there. We know it’s Vegas and stuff happens, but come out and say hello if you’ve got enough gas left in your tank.