2007 LinkWorth – On The Road

We’re excited to announce our plans for getting on the road this year. There are many conferences / expo’s for our industry now and it is a great way for us to get out and meet our current customers and maybe pick up some new recruits along the way.

We have definite plans to exhibit at one of the shows, with more to possibly follow. Let us know if you will be at any of these shows and we will be more than happy to try and meet up with you.

Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo 2007

  1. New York CityApril 10-13
  2. San JoseAugust 20-23
    (We will be exhibiting at this event)

Ad-Tech Digital Marketing Conference 2007

  1. ChicagoJuly 31-Aug1

WebmasterWorld Pubcon 2007

  1. Las Vegas – TBA

Affiliate Summit 2007

  1. Miami – July 8-10

Search Marketing Expo (SMX)

  1. Seattle – June 4-5 (Advanced)
  2. New York City – October 16-17 (Social Media)

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SES New York

I think it’s about time we get some chatter started about SES New York (April 10-13). Ron and I are both really looking forward to this one for a couple reasons. First, it’s in New York…hell-O! Second, and probably more importantly, we’ve never been to SES New York. Sure, the nuts and bolts of the conference will be more or less the same, but I’m hoping we’ll get to meet people that we couldn’t in San Jose or Chicago, etc.

Any LinkWorth Partners going to be there? How about you, Advertisers?? Please let us know if you will be. Comment here or on one of the subsequent posts you’ll see about this conference. We really want to hook up with as many of our people as we can so let us hear from you! Hey, and if you’re not a Partner or Advertiser yet we want to meet you too!

Beyond SES New York, we’ve already started making plans for SMX in Seattle, Affiliate Summit in Miami, Ad-Tech Chicago, SES San Jose, SMX New York, and hopefully Pubcon will return to Vegas in November. So, if we don’t catch you this time, maybe we can string something together for one of these other upcoming conferences.

I’ve said before that 2007 will be the year that us LinkWorthers will come out of our shells a bit. I want to meet everybody. I feel like I know everybody already (thanks to all the bloggers) so it’s about time we start shaking some hands and building relationships. Our little industry is full of charismatic people that we should probably spend a little more time with.

That’s all for now….

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Do Not Believe Everything You Read About Linking!

I want to let it be known that not everything you read on blogs will be accurate. What is more disturbing is the blogs that might be written by “popular” people, can often be viewed as true facts. I don’t think that people purposely release incorrect information, I just think they try hard to give great articles and sometimes stretch the content further than need be. I definitely am not here to say I know everything about everything, but when it comes to linking, we have been around the block enough to know what is not correct.

Tonight I read a blog post about “Google Filters and how to get around them” and there was some good info here and there, but I definitely would debate some of the link info given.

CO-citation Linking Filter: This popular filter by Google watches your inbound link structure. If your link is on a site who’s outbound links are related to casino’s and porn sites and your automotive site is an outbound link on this site then google will think your site is related to porn and casinos, there are all-legal sites where you can learn to play gambling online check it out isleofraasayhotel.co.uk. Players can visit almost any of the top casino sites like http://agenidnpoker.me/ and find dozens of the most popular card games, including blackjack and baccarat, table games, like roulette, and hundreds of the top online slots. Poorly constructed co-citation will damage your ranking and make it hard for you to rank well for the terms you are targeting.

This quote from the article referenced is absolutely crazy. Let me paint the picture of why it is so wrong. We were recently at Pubcon in Vegas and Matt Cutt’s was speaking about linking. He brought up the thought that inbound links can’t hurt you. He gave the example of porn sites that have the initial home page that makes you agree to the terms, you agree and proceed into the porn pages or you disagree and it redirects you to disney.com. What he explained is, there is no way they could penalize disney.com because some porn site decided to link to them. The only way disney.com could be frowned upon is if they returned the link back to that porn site. It would show a relationship between the two.

I believe the author of this post was giving good Google filter information, but it definitely was not all accurate information. When it comes to inbound links, you can NOT be penalized because of links that point to you if there is no reciprocal link!. If this was true, then all anyone would have to do is put bad links to their competition. Google can not count a link, but they will not put a penalty on anyone because of an inbound link they have no control over.

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We Heard Your Concerns & We Want You To Know!

Thank you to the wonderful turnout to our Pubcon happy hour, one of the biggest things I returned with was the awesome feedback from each party that I spoke with.  Everyone had the common issues they wanted addressed and I just wanted to briefly run down the obvious issues for the others who were not there:

  1. “Link Not Found” spider issues.  We are fully aware of this issue and it’s as much of a pain for us as it is for you.  We have a new spider option that should cut down on many issues and we are working to get it up and running.
  2. “Usability” issues.  When our site was initially put together, our offering was simple and to the point.  As we have grown, our menu options have gone completely backwards making it very difficult to navigate and we already have a replacement which will go with number 3.
  3. “Website Design” upgrade!  Yes, we understand our site can greatly use a facelift.  Again, initially our site was put together to make pages load as fast as possible.  Our system is database intensive and we would rather lower image quality and have faster page loads than vice versa.  But we’re bringing on a dedicated individual for this project and future projects.

We greatly appreciate your patience through our growing pains and can assure you the LinkWorth upgrade soon to come in the next year will be full of great new products, new sleek design and a very easy layout targeted towards usability.

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Happy Hour at the Hard Rock Hotel

Okay, I think we’ve got it nailed down. There was a lot to consider…this is going to be a busy week in Vegas!

In regards to the happy hour we want to sponsor for our Partners & Advertisers, it’s going to be Thursday night (Nov.16th) inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at the Viva Las Vegas Lounge. Sounds Elvis-y….can’t wait! Ask.com is hosting a reception at the conference from 5-6pm so we’ll do it afterwards. Say 7 o’clock? Hors d’oeuvres…drinks…good times. This is invitation-only meaning; you have to be a current LinkWorth Partner, Advertiser, or personal “invitee” to attend. We want to spend some QT with the folks that mean the most to us…YOU.

Thursday evening seems to work best for a few different reasons. To begin with, we don’t even arrive in Vegas until Tuesday evening. Gotta get warmed up, you know? Second, we don’t want to miss the Google event Wednesday evening. Those kids do it up right. (I think I’m STILL shakin’ off the Google Dance and that was in August!) And finally, since Thursday is our last night in town, it doesn’t matter what happens…we can fight through a Friday, right? All kidding aside, we hope to see you there. We know it’s Vegas and stuff happens, but come out and say hello if you’ve got enough gas left in your tank.

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