We felt a message forum post was worthy of a blog post as well. A special thanks to “Megadawg” for providing great information for those that may need it. Here is a post from the forum..

This morning our site finally broke the Top 15 on Google for an extremely competive search term that has over 25,000,000 results on G. We are taking about 100,000 unique visits per month on this site. Additionally, the power of this site has boosted our other sites.. Total monthly take : 250,000 visitors.

It took us about 18 months, but I think we might hit top ten in the next month or so.

I have a number of techniques to thank:

1. Link Exchanges – we originally exchanged with anyone that would give us a link. When we finally hunkered down and only started doing exchanges with relevant sites in our industry then we really saw some solid position moves.

2. Billboards – Over the last 3 months, we have added about 20 unique billboards through linkworth… We did about 2 per week, and every week we would see position moves of 1 – 2 positions. This is an extremely effective tool because it gives you relevant backlink content on different IP’s. Take the time to write good article/news stories and plug your company or product. This technique will pay off. Don’t believe me? pick an obscure term without competition, and put up 2 – 5 billboards using the term as anchor text through-out your BB’s and you will see position moves within 4 weeks.

3. Text Advertising – We sit in the top 5 with Yahoo and top 10 with G on a number of search terms as a result of some low-cost text link advertising on relevant sites. Linkworth makes text link advertising extremely affordable. My personal opininion: if you pay $250 for a PR8 and have a text link ad budget of under $1000 per month, then you are crazy. Stick with sites in your industry, PR4 – PR6 and don’t pay more than $25 a link. Word of advice: SEO companies mainly want your money. Be smart and do your research. Use Linkworth tools to determine the viability of putting a link on someone’s page.

4. Content development – Content. Content. Content. Find .gov sites that have research and information in your industry. Feel free to copy the info and modify it as you please. I learned at a freelance email copywriter course that GOV sites don’t have copyright laws! This is an EASY way to build mega content on your pages. Don’t expect top positions on top keywords unless you have at least 250 – 500 pages of relevant content on your website. If you wanna play with the big boys, you gotta sweat a little. Get on it!

5. On-site Menu structure – Make sure SE’s can spider every page on your site. Use tiered systems:
a. Home page should point to all relevant Tier 2 pages
b. Tier 2 pages should point out to every page on your site or within its category.
c. SE’s love categorization, so create mini-sections on your site. (make sure to interlink everything!). Use java/CSS menus to make it spiderable. Make sure your menu’s aren’t embedded so that SE’s can spider the links!

6. On page SEO – Use H1, H2 and relevant keywords through-out. Don’t overdue it. keyword density should probably be 2% to 5%. Basically, use all that crap your english teacher taught you in 5th grade.

7. Regular updates – Add at least 2 new pages to your website per week. Don’t be a slacker. This is important.

8. Patience – Be patient. Don’t do anything stupid. If you build it……….they will come.


That is all.

Megadawg————– Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwt.

This is great information that anyone can use and we just want to thank Megadawg for revealing his techniques.

We’ll see you on top!