We recently sent a message regarding publish options for those who use file inclusion. I thought posting it in the forum made more sense so it will always be here to read.

If you publish regular text ads, rotating ads or billboards with any type of “file inclusion” method, we have updated the code used and also provided a way to style your format.

  • NEW CODE: The new code was a topic discussed on our forum recently and it involved the issue of the require command being unable to reach the LinkWorth server, then causing your site to either drag really bad or hang forever ending in error. Well we now have two types of inclusion codes that include a variable which can be set as a timeout option. In other words, if set to (4), after 4 seconds if it cannot connect, it will simply end it and load the rest of the page without error.
  • STYLE CODE: In addition to the updated code, you are given the option for style formatting. The default setting is each text ad is placed within it’s own cell inside one table. You can select canned separators between each ad from the drop down menu or you can select “CUSTOM”. Custom will allow you to enter your own html code to go between each text ad and publish it on your site where you have control of before the ads and after if needed

One other feature changing is our affiliate links, buy direct links and any other links that direct back to our site. We are changing these to unreadable javascript to ensure you can promote LinkWorth without having to actually have a direct link back to our site. THere is much more functionality in using javascript and it helps remove all talk regarding LinkWorth from your site.

Someone once asked if what we did was spamming, to which I said “absolutely not!”. We help legitimate businesses build their popularity and name recognition, which opens the flood gates of traffic. Some worry about having our name on their site in fear of google, but there should be no fear because we do not do anything sneaky or with trickery. So to make everyone feel safe, we’re removing all searchable links back to us and replacing them with unsearchable links. We will make an announcement once this section is ready to go.