I use my.yahoo as my homepage and I noticed over the weekend that they had implemented the nofollow attribute to all of the links. I use Firefox with the Search Status extension that will automatically highlight all nofollowed links on a page in pink; so when I logged in on Saturday my yahoo homepage looked like a big bucket of strawberry ice cream.

It was said early on when nofollow came out that although Yahoo supposedly wouldn’t pass any link popularity through nofollow’d links; they would still follow the links. Has this changed? As far as I could tell (although I never tested it), MyYahoo wasn’t passing any juice so I don’t really get why they’d do this. Maybe they were. (Damn! I should’ve taken better advantage of it if that’s the case.)

I guess I really don’t care about this one way or the other, but unless I want to turn off my SEO add-on, I now hate my homepage. Maybe it’s time for a new one…

*****UPDATE****** 8/28/08

Yahoo must’ve heard about my threats because they have removed the nofollow attribute from MyYahoo. I feel so loved.