For those beginning to experience the advantages of our Rotating Ads, the acronym MURA might be of interest to you. Lets not confuse the MURA with the current running SURA, but they are almost identical. 😀 Ok, enough “acro” talk.

MURA stands for “Multi-URL Rotating Ad”. This is an extension of our current rotating ads, or SURA’s, which stands for “Single URL Rotating Ads”. Since we initially launched our rotating ads, customers have requested a way to change the URL along with each anchor text. At present, unique keywords are rotating with each view but the actual web link/url stays the same, along with the description.

With our new mura product, this is made possible. Rather than rotating anchor text only, it is possible to rotate an entire text ad now. This would entail a new anchor text, website url and description with each page view. Instead of sending visitors to a single page of your website, it is now possible to send them to a different page depending on the anchor text and/or description being used.
To build an effective multi-url campaign, there are many ways to get a great finished product. We will showcase one method called a “segmented MURA”. To setup this up, follow these steps:

  1. Divide all of the pages or site(s) you plan to use into a list. (A spreadsheet will work fine)
  2. Take each page listed, find 5 to 10 of your top keywords that page is optimized for and list them under the respective page listed
  3. Now create a unique description for either each page or for each keyword. The more unique the better.
  4. Next, login to your LinkWorth account and create a new multi-url text ad with the information on your spreadsheet.
  5. Once the new ad is approved, look for great relevant sites to publish your rotating ad on and watch the magic.

The process of creating the new multi-url ad is almost identical as to the regular rotating ad. Just complete the form under the new button labeled “Create Multi-URL Ads”. If you have questions, please submit a support ticket .