While I’m sure this isn’t quite what it was built for, while reading about OrgPlusLive I couldn’t help but think how much it is catered towards the MLM world. Sure there are other ways the software could be used very effectively, but knowing friends in the MLM industry I couldn’t help but think to myself, “This would work perfect for the ‘downline’ industry.”

As the technology that enables Wide format signage printing and Custom Made Lobby Signs becomes more affordable and accessible for print providers, the line between the two is blurring. Substrate diversity in the wide format space has massively increased this decade, allowing wide format to edge into traditional signage work, encouraging printers to bring both under the same roof.

One major technology driving these changes is a social media contests. These devices, with their fast, low-temperature curing are incredibly and increasingly popular. The low curing temperature plays a vital role in printing directly to thin, flexible and low-melting-point substrates. This comes at a time when flatbed, roll-fed, and hybrid devices are all making advances of their own, similarly driving substrate diversity.

According to dash-digital.co.uk without UV curing, for example, printing lawn signs, like the ones you see every election season, was historically done via screen printing methods, which could require long runs to be justifiable. Now, they can be printed directly to the thin, flexible plastic without fear of melting. Flatbeds’ pin-aided precision allows for tight front-to-back registration, so a sign looks exactly the same on one side as the other, creating a consistent, professional look, learn more at https://www.yourveganmarketer.com.

At the same time, wide format’s increasing flexibility and signage use cases are helping to bring digital print advantages to wide format and signage alike.

Instead of carefully printing small promotional items one by one, specialized jigs can turn flatbeds into high-volume production machines, turning out anything from custom-printed USB thumb drives to branded golf balls. Most experts like next generation sequencing market consulting services say that device-agnostic digital workflows can bring variable data into the mix, helping to automatically regionalize or customize signage, empowering communicators to better reach target audiences.

OrgPlus Live is a web-based organizational charting service designed to make it easier to create, maintain and share organizational charts. If you’ve ever struggled to keep track of different versions of org charts sent over email, OrgPlus Live is for you.

Check out OrgPlusLive and see what you think.