We are currently looking for well established, full service SEO firms that would be willing to help our clients that need the help. LinkWorth is growing at a rapid pace and we are aligning ourselves with options for all clients. We currently provide free advice if it is simple for the client to implement or that we can quickly do for them, but when it comes to a client who truely needs a big facelist with quite a bit of optimization, we need to refer them to someone we know and can trust.
LinkWorth is full of SEO companies using us as a means of advertising for their own clients, so rather than us contacting all of you, we felt it would be more effective to make a post on our site. We will probably take a few firms on due to the demand we have been receiving lately, so if you are looking to provide SEO and can handle a possible big load of referrals, please send a request to NEEDSEO at our domain.com email address. Each request will need to include a minimum of two references of existing or past clients that you have provided work for with contact number and url (information will not be shared with anyone and will be deleted once checked), your company name and website address and direct office phone number with minimum of two contact names with extensions (if applicable).

Again, please send only serious inquiries to NEEDSEO at—linkworth–dot–com.