For those of you who are currently using our WordPress Plugin or have been waiting for the much anticipated update to our original, it’s finally here! Obviously, with so many different themes and layouts available for WordPress, every situation can be different. We would definitely recommend making sure your WP is upgraded to the most recent stable condition and you should always backup your blog before installing the plugin.

Upgrades include:

  • Adding LinkWords to your blog with the click of a box
  • Including our LinkInTxt into your blogs without you having to even publish them
  • Upgrades to previous failures on older WP versions
  • Adding LinkBB ads without having to publish them
  • Display of all products currently published
  • Notification of future plugin updates

To find the WP Plugin, login to your account and make sure you are in the PARTNERS navigation (if Combo Account), go to MY SITES > PUBLISH > select LINKADS > select WEBSITE > select WordPress Plugin > then download the file. Each website listed should have it’s own unique plugin to function properly. Follow the steps above and you will be sure to get the correct plugin installed.

Please follow the instructions. All feedback is welcome to admin((at))linkworth((dot))com.