Due to reasons beyond our control Saturday morning, we had a severe power outage that affected LinkWorth servers. While we definitely apologize for any partner sites that were affected using the file inclusion method, we are glad it has forced us to make this update our file linclusion code. A special thanks to “formmail, joeychcgo and noppid” for giving examples and their own versions of replacement code. It’s customers like this that make LinkWorth stronger in times of weakness.

We are in the process of updating all of our file inclusion code snippets with a timeout variable which partners can change to fit their needs. This will prevent any dragging or timing out on the partner websites. In addition, we have a new formatting option for file inclusion which allows one to format how the ads are displayed with a pre-canned setting or customize it with your own code/text that will separate each text ad.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and business! LinkWorth is currently experiencing our largest month on the books since we first began. With our larger, and still growing, sales staff and a partnership soon to be announced, 2006 proves to be a wonderful year for all involved.