Now that the holidays are behind us and things are back on track, it only makes sense to sum up 2008 and look forward to 2009. The economy was one of the biggest headlines, along with the history making presidential election, but what did all of this mean to LinkWorth?

Numbers of 2008:

  • New accounts were up over 90%, marking our biggest year on record. Even after our largest increase of 554% in 2007
  • Our partner inventory is up over 110%
  • Published ads are up almost 400%
  • After a dismal year for most companies, our sales were up 17% and marked our 4th consecutive yearly sales increase
  • The year marked 5 different record monthly sales
  • Money paid out to partners was up nearly 25% equaling many millions dollars paid to our partners in 4 years
  • The only number that was down is how many advertisers we lost, which is down from 10% in ’07 to 7% in ’08
  • Over 2 million people laid off in 2008, with over 100k in the tech industry. LinkWorth layoffs, zero

In a year of economic turmoil, LinkWorth has come through with flying colors. There is no doubt we were worried as much as the next business as we watched company after company laying off people, but we have been very lucky to not be affected.

What to expect in 2009:

  • We are forecasting another record year in sales, which means even higher payouts
  • At least 2 new product offerings, with the possibility of 4
  • The addition of more staff to help support customers and manage accounts for advertisers
  • Video tutorials and more online help to assist in common tasks
  • Cutting down on steps with common tasks
  • Listen to our customers on what they feel we can do to improve
  • LinkWorth tour including the usual stops, SES, SMX, PubCon and SXSW, with new stops being added including Ad-Tech, DMA, trip to Europe and a few local shows

Many think the economy will continue to fall, but when we are down to idiots asking for a porn bailout, that tells me the worst is over. LinkWorth will continue to improve and find new ways for advertisers to market and partners to earn even more money, so we’re positive this will be another exciting year. Thank you to everyone that has helped us continue to grow the past 4 years and we look forward to the years to come.