As many probably already know, we officially launched our new product “LinkWords“. The product is built on the in-text pay per click technology where keywords are mined out of the content and matched with advertiser ads. With a simple mouseover, a tooltip window will appear showing the advertisers advertisement. This is probably one of the best methods in gaining targeted traffic one can use and we are excited in being able to offer our own version.

For Partners, it’s 100% free to signup and very easy to setup on your website, or websites. Every click charges the advertiser and partners earn 70% of the charge. We urge all partners to give it a shot and give us your feedback. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, like money! 🙂

For Advertisers, targeted traffic is what we all want and LinkWords is the product to provide this. The ads shows on keywords within content people are reading. The ads are not appearing on the side, top, bottom or any other often overlooked section of a page, the ads are planted right in the middle of the content everyone is reading. Only pay for the click and yes we have fraud protective measures setup to ensure ads are not fraudulently clicked.

There are a couple of other companies offering their own version of LinkWords; however, they do not cater to everyone. Unless your website meets their extensive traffic requirements, no participation for you! LinkWorth is all about catering to the average customer “and” large customers. If your website has only THREE people visit it on average per month, how can someone say those three visitors are not important? They could be multi-billionaires looking to invest a ton of money in your company. So LinkWords is open to all of our customers and anyone that wants to be a LinkWorth customer.

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