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The blogging community has become somewhat of an authority when it comes to spreading or beginning a buzz about anything at all. Each blog comes with it’s dedicated readers and whatever is written usually will hold some sort of power. Take a small percentage of bloggers who initially read a LinkPost, then they reference it on their blog and the torch continues to be passed. LinkPost is a way for Advertisers to tap into this phenomenon by creating outlines of their product and/or service, then submit that outline to as many selected bloggers as they wish.

Staying within your own category will yield the best results, but if you must stray outside of your market, try to make the selection something neutral to ensure visitors will be somewhat interested. Once the requests are sent to the Partner account, the Partner will review the request and guidelines, then make a decision if the request is something they agree to do. If they do not agree with anything, a simple decline of the offer and it is rejected. If the offer is accepted, the Partner has up to 30 days to publish the post on their blog and finalize the transaction within their LinkWorth Control Center. We do recommend using our “SPONSORED LINKPOST” image or mentioning that the post has been sponsored in some way to ensure your readers can differentiate between what is paid and what is not. Payment term is for one single entry into your blog and the post should remain live for a minimum of 3 months, but preferably for the life of the blog. Partners/bloggers earn up to 70% of each sale.

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