In-Text LinkAds

One of the biggest complaints with typical text link ads is the actual location they end up in. They might appear in the right sidebar on the very bottom, or possibly the LinkAds are appearing in the foot of the page in a very light colored font causing you to get absolutely zero clicks. Now lets say we take the keywords found within the body of content, then replace a keyword or phrase with a link back to your website or page, would you be interested then? I think we know the answer!

LinkInTxt is the selling of keywords and key phrases with in the text of a page already written. Partners can utilize the great posts they have already written and monetize those pages with extremely unobtrusive LinkAds. Advertisers will get better click-thru rates than many other forms of online advertising. It’s one of our most innovative products and we’re extremely happy to have it ready to go.

LinkInTxt for Advertisers

LinkInTxt for Partners