Anyone that reads anything about making money on your site has heard of or at least read something from Shoemoney, aka Jeremy Schoemaker. I honestly have not read a lot from him just because there is so much to read and it’s tough to keep up and still run a growing business.

This all changed after visiting the SES in NYC recently and Matt and I sat in on a session where Jeremy Schoemaker was speaking. The first speaker, can’t remember the name, Jill someone, was good, but I fell out of attention quite a bit. Very nice and informative, though. Then Jeremy came up and did his thing.

I’ll tell you that I have not made it through many sessions, but give them a shot quite a bit, and Shoemoney really is a great speaker. Although I had to pee pretty bad, I didn’t want to miss anything and it was on a subject I wasn’t really interested in. He’s good at mixing in some fun and laughter but giving great info as well. THEN the check pictures and/or the money made pops in. This part gets me every time. Take for example, this picture:


Over 132K paid to Shoemoney from Google. WHAT! Most people I know work their way up to $50 and get their accounts shut down for whatever reason. I have it setup on an article directory that gets decent traffic and it’s earned $30 in one year. 😐

He reminds me of Carlton Sheets where him and his students tell their net worth all through the show and how big of a check they walked away with at closing. But as much as it bugs me, it’s probably one of the reasons he is so successful. People like to see other people making money. It gives them hope and makes them want to be Jeremy.

Jeremy, if you read this and you will be in Seattle for SMX, shoot me an email and we’d love to buy you a beer or few. You’re an interesting guy and I think we might have a good chat. ron[at]linkworth or matt[at]linkworth and we can hear more about what you do.