We have two very important updates to announce!

  1. Payout minimums are changing with most payout methods. We are increasing the minimum to $100 for all payout methods except Paypal, which will remain at $25. The number of payouts have exploded and we’re having a hard time getting them done by the 10th. This change will allow us to get payouts down on time and it will also help us keep costs down.
  2. NEW AFFILIATE PROGRAM! We briefly explained a new program to those participating but now we are making it official. I think everyone will be delighted to see our payout potential. For those of you that know Joeychgo, you can thank him for talking me into the higher number. The program is tracking all referrals and has been since June 1st; Advertisers, Partners and Combo’s. We’re almost finished with all of the development, but it’s more visual. The important part of tracking and recording what you are sending is working and has been working for months.

Along with the new affiliate program, once things get going, we’ll start rewarding the best affiliates and having contests. Maybe something amazing like lunch with Matt Stoddart. Look at how much fun he is!. We’ll have all kinds of fun games. I’m not opposed to Twister. 🙂