Hypothetical PlanningHappy Wednesday everyone. I have a pretty simple hypothetical today that has to do with the monopoly of search, Google. I know, define monopoly and they’re not quite there “yet”, but well on their way.

With that being said, we all know how important Google is if you’re doing anything online that involves driving people to your website. But let’s not forget the other search engines out there that make up the rest of the search. There could be a “millionairesearch.com” out there that only millionaires search. (Update, this site really exists! HA) Why would you forget that group of people? You could own that one market and make more money than trying to compete in Google with the 10’s of thousands of other advertisers in your market.

Anyhow, you get my point. So here is the hypothetical for today:

Would you be willing to give up all of your listings in Google, but in exchange, your website listing will appear in the #1 position for all of your keywords in every other search website on the net. This includes Yahoo, MSN/Live, Ask, AltaVista and many others.

Basically, you have the chance to be seen by 35-40% of all searchers online or take what Google gives you naturally, plus all other engines.

Would you accept this offer?