Sometimes if you try to really understand the crazy brains of search engines, you can have a complete brain lockup and fall asleep instantly 😀 . One thing to understand is in the Google realm, you are trying to understand the thought processes of phd professors who feel that the world just is not complicated enough for them. Matter of fact, the way Google gets these brains interested in working for them is they place billboards or ads out in the public that makes no sense to the typical human brain, but it actually has a hidden message in the ad only geniuses can figure out. Once the brain discovers the message, it will tell them if they figured it out, Google wants them. These are the people you are up against in trying to understand how Google works.

Of course, along with these genius types, there are also the normal typical techie nerds that are a lot more like us. Combine the two and things tend to get a little more understandable. So the point of this rambling is I thought I would explain how the googlebots learn and detect many aspects of our websites.

There are two definite parts that can penalize or ban a website; humans and computers. The human editing is obvious common sense. Someone, usually your competition, runs and tattle tells to Google if you’re doing something wrong, they visit your site, find the issue and penalize your website. The part that might take a little thinking is the computer side of things.

Computers that learn are able to learn based on patterns. Something that is repetitive is typically a way anything can learn. Haven’t you heard the old saying, “Tell yourself something at least three (3) times in a row and you’ll probably remember it later”? A good example is trying to remember someone’s name. If you do not repeat it, you might not remember it. If you say it a few times quickly, your chances of remembering are much better. Well, our brains are just like computers. Computers can learn if situations are repeated.

Now mind you, this is a very broad explanation. There is much more involved, but if you can grasp this notion, it might help you in preventing your site from being penalized for anything you do. Do not get involved with anything that involves an identical pattern one can easily spot. If you decide to buy text ads, do not buy them all from an identical network type or from the same ip address. Now we will always recommend focusing on buying text ads on like partner sites to boost your traffic, but the simple fact of the matter is, people buy text ads to help their link popularity. So since it happens, you need to know how to protect your online presence. If all of the locations you place your text ads are very similar, you run the risk of being detected. There is no guarantee they will catch you, no matter what those google people say, but there is no reason to risk it.

There are other text link broker services that offer links on sites that all have the same layout, linking structure and link placement. These places are easily being found by Google and while we hate to see it happen to our friendly competition, it is happening. This is the great part of LinkWorth due to our partner listings being unique site by site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer what we can.