The term “speed” can refer to a whole list of different things. Since this isn’t a rehab website, we’ll stay away from the drug talk epidemic :D. What I want to talk about is the speed a website loads for visitors. How fast does your website load for your visitors? It is something that can often be overlooked but can make the world of difference.

Just today I was noticing how our website was loading slow and instantly began researching the issue. I noticed the home page loading a little slow over the weekend, but figured it was the connection I was using. Come to find out, our server log had reached its limit and was slowing load times quite a bit. A quick fix and we’re back to normal.

This made me wonder what this has done to our traffic recently so I began reviewing our traffic logs. The number of unique (new) visitors that left within 30 seconds increased over 50% over the past few days compared to the same time frame a week before. So make sure your site is always loading fast because people do not like to wait. Make sure you have the opportunity to win a customer over instead of losing them to a slow loading website.