One of the advantages to LinkWorth, from an advertisers point of view, is they are able to see the websites before they actually spend money to advertise on it. Most other services within our market restrict the actual web address for several reasons, until it’s paid for. As a partner, this option isn’t always the most preferred method. I choose not to get into specifics, but there are pro’s and cons for either way.

We’re proud to announce that we know give the partner a choice in this matter. If being anonymous is your cup of tea, you can now be anonymous to window shoppers. When listing a new site or editing an existing site, there is a new option available that allows the partner to hide their web address until an advertiser actully buys a text ad. Once the request is approved by the partner, then the advertiser will see the website address in their approved listings.

Obviously, we recommend the listings not be hidden to increase sales, but if it’s important to the publisher, the option is now as easy as turning it on. One thing to note, this is a per site setting. If 10 sites exist, all 10 would need to be edited to turn this feature on. All statistical information will remain available to potential advertisers.