LinkWorth would like to tell all of our customers that we have greatly appreciated your help, business, criticisms, suggestions and most of all, your friendships. While we have not grown close to everyone, it’s just a matter of time before we get to know more of you. Those who we have gotten the face time with, can all agree a lifetime of memorable stories came from the experience. Other than running a business that all of our employees love, we wanted to make it a place that our customers love as much and we get the chance of making the entire experience a bit more personalized compared to most online services. So Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for making LinkWorth 2006 a great year and we hope that has turned into great years for each customer individually.

The New Year 2007 is set to make record breaking numbers with our new products, improved website, upgrading of product usability and our growing sales staff. Our lofty goal for 2007 is to increase our average partner payout between 100% up to 300%. In addition, we have set our goals to increase overall sales from our current average of 4% per month to over 10% per month. With the sales come the increase in partner payout.

  • Average Partner Payout 2006 – $256.00 per month ($3,072 /year)
  • Projected Partner Payout 2007 – $512.00-$1,024.00 per month ($6,144 to $12,288 /year)

We realize LinkWorth is more known for a way webmasters can monetize their website(s). There is no secret that if you randomly select 100 web users and ask them if they had a website, would they rather earn money to pay for that website or would they want to put more of their own money into bettering the website, over 90% of these random users will respond with “earn money”. Due to this fact, focus on our partners have increased for the new year.

Of course our Advertisers will always be a focus as they bring the financials into our market. The new year will bring new and better functioning products, along with a much needed usability upgrade to our backend.

We are very excited about the new year and hope our excitement can pour over into your lives and accounts as time goes on.

Happy New Year 2007 to Everyone!