Forget about the passive/aggressive phrasing of “Don’t Be Evil”…Google’s new mantra is “We Will Screw You.”

I’m sure you’ve read the news or worse, felt the sting yourselves. Google has gone scorched earth and dinged god-only-knows how many websites with a drop in Page Rank over the past day or two.

Rumor has it that the sites getting screwed are those that have been selling text link advertisements but the funny thing is, they’re penalizing some sites that aren’t even selling links!! How stupid is that??

It seems all those laid-back folks at the Googleplex are taking themselves quite seriously these days. What’s next? No more bringing your dog to work? No more volley-ball games during lunch? The Google chef gonna be serving up bread & water for breakfast/lunch/dinner from here on out?

Poor bastards.

Talk about biting the hands that feed you, Google. You should be ashamed of yourself. Be careful not to get too big for your britches…that stock price of yours just might drop one day soon and then who will save your ass? All the people that you screwed over?

Don’t bank on it.