Danny Sullivan has a great post on Search Engine Land in response to Ed Kohler’s post about why Google should buy the Ford assembly plant in Minnesota. I thought it was really funny. That lead me to add a 6th reason to Danny’s post which was: It’s only a matter of time before Google is manufacturing automobiles anyway.

Is it that far-fetched? Google has their hands in “all-that-is-profitable” already so why not this? It’s rumored that Google is creating a phone, they went out and bought YouTube, and the list goes on and on. So, why not build gadgety cars? I’ve heard that they give their employees “bonuses” if they buy hybrid vehicles so maybe their spin could be “The GoogleCar: A true hybrid vehicle”

Just think about it for a minute. The term “hybrid” currently refers to the use of both electric and gasoline engines in vehicles. Google could take it a step farther by creating a ride that is always “online.” This is a piece of cake. Scarlett, get Sergey & Larry on the phone!

They build a green car (ethanol/hydrogen/solar/electric…whatever it takes) that has all of their technology built into it. Equipped with high speed mobile internet, you start the ignition using GMail inside your house on a cold morning. Hop in to the toasty, pre-heated GoogleCar and simply vocalize your destination. The GoogleCar will not only show you how to get there, but feed you personalized advertisements during your journey and point out all of your favorite restaurants, bars, or other landmarks along the way. Maybe they’ll even create “Google AutoPilot” so you don’t even have to drive.

If you want to rock out, GoogleRadio will accommodate you. (It’s full of ads, too, but hey…this is the GoogleCar, after all) Want to watch a video or two? YouTube will never be far away. In fact, the several flat screen displays are all touch-screen so passengers in all seats can navigate the web.

The possibilities are endless. Maybe we should sponsor a GoogleCar wiki so our visitors can help us think of features or something. Hmmmmm….food for thought…..