Run a blog? Cuss at comment spammers? Learn how to fight comment spam and make it a positive and worthwhile comment. There are many types of comment spam we see, some you can work to your advantage, some it’s just better to delete. The majority of comment spam is done with automated software. Some of the software is smart enough to use keywords in a given blog entry and use it in the comment spam. Usually the comment spam to delete involves a few to many hyperlinks within the subject. The other spam, especially the comments that try to provide a very thoughtful reply but it’s obvious they are just trying to slip their website url into your blog, can be used to your advantage. Here are a few suggestions how to fight your comment spam:

  • Edit and remove the url and contact info, then save the comment. Today one of the spammy comments I moderated was:
    Pretty good advice. I try to keep my adsense respectable. Plus it just looks real bad on a page with a ton of adsense.
    See this kind of goes along with the blog they commented on. It really doesn’t say much at all, but it had their website url planted in the url field and some email that probably didn’t work. Well, I simply edited the comment, removed their email and removed their website address, then approved it. Now ilt’s a comment that isn’t spammy! 😀
  • Another tip is to get spam catching plugins for your blog software. We use WordPress, which many do, but we have a really good spam filter plugin that is great at filtering out all of the spam full of url’s and nonesense talk. You still get the final approval to delete all or say any one of the comments is not spam.
  • Customize the commenting form to use a security code image that the poster must enter before submitting their reply. This is a fool proof way to make sure all comments are made by a real human being. There is no way around this method, that I’m aware of.

Most blog software programs automatically use the “rel=nofollow” tags, but that really does nothing if these automated programs are filling up our sites with crap about sbobet88 online or prescription meds. So you really need to make sure nothing is automatically published without moderation. It’s the only way to make sure your blog stays clean.

Eventually there will be firing squads with a waiting list to pull the trigger on the culprits spamming. Until then, use one of these techniques. 😉