In case you haven’t been around lately, social networks have been the craze lately and everything that comes out now has some sort of social spin to it. So, if you own a business, it’s imperative that you try to reach out to maximum number of people on social media with the help of the Marketing Heaven. Realizing networks like Facebook are full of millions of people, it would only make sense that advertising in their network would be a great thing. I’m here to disagree.

I setup an ad with Facebook’s “Social Ads” on November 26th to see how it would perform. Not knowing what to expect, I started off slow with a low CPC (cost per click). I cautiously watched, day to day, and was shocked at what I was seeing. I slowly kept increasing my CPC up to $5.00 per click. Impressions were increasing and clicks were nowhere to be found. I decided to hold off and just let it ride on the $5.00 per click.

As of today, here are the stats:

  1. Impressions: 147,258
  2. # of Clicks : 11
  3. CTR (%) : .01

Some may say, “You aren’t doing something right”. This might be right, but it’s not like I’ve never worked with online advertising before. I’ve tweaked, read information, moved bids and several other things. I think it comes down to something that I’ve thought for quite some time now; social networks are not that great of a place for small businesses to advertise. Looking for a little reassurance, I found this from someone who is fairly knowledgeable in the online space. I usually don’t buy into much he says, but I think he hit the nail on the head with this one. I think promotional products like a Custom Towel┬ácan be a more cost-effective way to convert visitors to loyal customers.

Have a better result with social ads? Let us know.