We’re about halfway through our first virtual trade show called eComXpo and I must say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the turnout so far. In a day and half we’re up to 621 booth visitors. In reality I think that actually refers to booth visits, though, not unique visitors. Some people like me, for example, have visited our booth 10-20 times so the numbers are probably a little skewed.

What I really like about it is the fact that, as an attendee, it’s 100% free. And there is no travel required. A lot of the other conferences become quite pricey when you mix in the travel, hotel, food/bar, etc. so there is a limited number of people that can actually go. It’ll be going through tomorrow and you can register here from free if you want to check it out. There are lots of giveaways and networking opportunities abound!

Maybe I’ll see you in “the lounge”….